Insurance reimagined

for brokers and their clients

Why Azur

Insurance for clients, not insurers

Straight talking, curved thinking


Shaped to handle all your client’s insurance needs

One renewal date One solution One portfolio

Or simply cover one risk at a time, all at warp speed


A portfolio view of risk and price

A flexible approach to underwriting

Simply put, no stone left unturned to satisfy your client’s insurance needs


We take care of each client’s individual needs

Your user experience is our obsession

Every. Single. Last. Detail.

“A grown-up, blue-chip fintech”
Mike Baliman

Our products

Customised cover

For the way your clients live

I am a


Our obsession is to embed the highest standards throughout our products and our business. After all, we are protecting some of the most valuable assets on the planet.

Explore the Azur product range and find out just how obsessive we really are.

Private client

Please contact your local insurance broker to arrange cover, as we do not sell direct.

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  1. AJ Gallagher
    020 7204 6000
  2. Aon
    020 7623 5500
  3. Bartlett
    020 7680 6310
  4. Bluefin
    020 8336 2000
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    01604 498 880
  6. Lark
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  8. R A Rossborough
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About us

Azur through the Looking Glass

We came, we saw, we reimagined

The company

Reimagining insurance for brokers and their clients

Azur is a Managing Digital Agency (MDA), in partnership with AIG, one of the world’s largest and best-respected insurance companies.

We currently focus on High Net Worth insurance for clients of UK brokers.

Azur is a technology company, emphasising continuous product development, rapid deployment of new features and a passion bordering on the obsessive for design and the user experience of brokers and their clients.

Our other obsession is to embed the highest standards of conduct throughout the business. After all, we are protecting some of the most valuable assets on the planet.

The team

Graham Elliott Graham Elliott Co-Founder and CEO
Charlie Blackburn Charlie Blackburn Co-Founder and CTO
Ian Pettifor Ian Pettifor Co-Founder and CFO
Geoff Holmes Geoff Holmes COO
Kate Wells Kate Wells Managing Director Private Client Group
Lara Korz Lara Korz Chief Data Officer

Meet our underwriters

Paul Glennerster Paul Glennerster Technical Underwriting Manager 020 3319 7899
John Hollmann John Hollmann Renewals Manager 020 3319 7905
John Montgomery John Montgomery Product Manager 020 3319 7891
Paul Evans Paul Evans Senior Underwriter 020 3319 7898
Emma Griffiths Emma Griffiths Senior Underwriter 020 3319 7887
James Butler James Butler Underwriter 020 3319 7889
Stephanie Brown Stephanie Brown Underwriter 020 3319 7902
Suzy Polson Suzy Polson Underwriter 020 3319 7903
Amy Hepworth Amy Hepworth Underwriter 020 3319 7921
Tom Stothert Tom Stothert Assistant Underwriter 020 3319 7915
Natalie Dinning Natalie Dinning Assistant Underwriter 020 3319 7938
Harry Dacey Harry Dacey Assistant Underwriter 0203 319 7900

Meet our sales team

Patrick Cloughley Patrick Cloughley Head of Broker Engagement 020 3319 7897
Wayne Knibbs Wayne Knibbs Head of Sales 020 3319 7904
Jessie Dhaliwal Jessie Dhaliwal Business Development Manager 020 3319 7890


A new world order for insurance


Capital, dominant for centuries, has been superseded by distribution, threatening business models aligned with the needs of capital rather than end consumers.


Disruption is coming from clever use of technology to eliminate transaction chain inefficiencies.

Conduct-led environment

Regulators are focusing on outcomes for end insureds and are mandating everyone in the transaction chain to take this into account when designing and selling products. Obvious conflicts of interest will become more difficult to sustain in this new, conduct-led environment.


Technological developments, especially cloud computing, are enabling nimble start-ups to threaten business models based on legacy systems which are expensive and inflexible.

Exceptional user experience

Access to, and understanding of, data is key to both delivering exceptional user experience and ensuring good underwriting outcomes; this is more difficult on closed, older platforms.


Companies that embrace diversity will have lowered risk in a fast-changing world. As ‘Millennials’ enter the workforce, their B2C experience will set their expectations for the B2B environment.


A problem shared is a problem solved

To make a claim, call us now (24hrs)

Motor breakdown (UK)
0800 678 3711
Motor breakdown (Europe)
+44 11 7934 0148

Our in-house team of experts works closely with our underwriters to take the pain out of the claim. Fast.

We have access to a whole stable of specialists to make the process stress-free.

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