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Why Us?

So, you want to go digital. It’s a brave move.

The future of your business might depend on doing it right. Here’s why you should talk to Azur.



We’re disruption-proofers, not disruptors. We’ll work as your partner, either to bring about your digital transformation or to sell your product on our platform.

We’ll work with you to co-create your own platform, and safeguard your data in a single centralised location, in the cloud.

We don’t just know insurance; we’re part of the industry, fully regulated with our own underwriters. Everything we create is fully road-tested by us – because that’s who we make it for. We’re a digitally native Managing General Agency.

We use best-in-class tools and tried-and-tested components to develop digital products. It’s all about speed and simplicity. And it means you can start writing premium in double-quick time.

We work directly with brokers to transform their customers’ experience of insurance services, giving them instant access on their phones to claim updates, policies and summaries of insured property.

Our digital platforms will transform your speed and productivity, too. Using data enrichment, we can reduce applications to as few as five questions, followed by a quote in 90 seconds.

With customer information all stored in one place, we can use machine learning and real-time data to accelerate and improve underwriting, helping you manage risk from a position of knowledge.

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Knowing all that, you might expect everyone to be asking for the Azur treatment. You’d be right; they are.